Why Canada

Canada, an excellent option to emigrate

Canada is one of the three countries located in the subcontinent called North America, characterized by being a democratic country. It comprises a total of three territories and ten provinces; its city with the largest number of inhabitants being Toronto, even though its capital city is Ottawa.

Canada is a country that does not have any kind of barrier or belief that does not allow foreigners to enter the country, it is rather a country that is open to them, receiving thousands and thousands of foreigners during all seasons of the year, since many decades In this way, your society is filled with multiple different cultures that coexist in the same society.


Many of the inhabitants who decide to emigrate to the second largest country in the world are European, Asian, African and Latin American; and within the country they have gained enough freedom to be able to support their families, their businesses, to grow and even maintain their culture, so that everyone can find a balance and live together in the best possible way.

In Canada, for the year 2016, there were only 36,155,487 million inhabitants, and this is where many of the people wonder how that possible being is such a big country.

For it is certainly a huge country without any problem for the reception of immigrants from any side of the world, however, has conditions, laws and regulations that are really rigid and tight, which prove to benefit all graduates, professionals, including to the members of his family, people in search of refuge or asylum.

The Canadian culture is not only rich in natural aspects or races, it has primordial values ​​that promote respect, equality, freedom, tolerance, democracy, proper care of the environment and small but important details such as punctuality and charisma.

Given that it is a nation that covers a total territory of 10 million km2, bordering three large oceans, Alaska and the United States of America; It also has a lot of variety on its surface and reliefs; counting not only mountains, but also forests, lakes, extensive coasts and a quite incredible climate.

Giving rise to the raising of cattle and cultivation in its plains, highlights are the mountain range that it shares with the United States of America called the Rocky Mountains and another called the Pacific Coastal Chain that covers a territory that goes from Alaska to Mexico.

Canada is a country that when you think about it there is already a certain cold sensation, but it has all four stations in many places. The spring is still cold, there is rain, you can still see ice and cool nights; when the summer arrives the temperature reaches a maximum of 30 degrees Celsius, many are interested in exploring the mountains and landscapes, despite the appearance of mosquitoes. Places like Quebec and Ontario have a certain percentage of humidity where it is possible to see storms.

In Autumn, the climate changes from warm to a little colder, characterized by a very cool climate and the trees begin to lose their leaves; the days will not last as long as in summer or spring and sunlight will become scarce, until the snowfall begins to occur for the months of November and December throughout the country, although in some regions winter arrives faster than in others.

Finally, winter is the longest and most extreme season with a thermal sensation even colder, intense and wild. In this season there are many systems to avoid hypothermia and stay at a more appropriate temperature, in addition to this the inhabitants should always keep up with the news, monitor temperature changes, dress appropriately in addition to sports and exercise, because winter lends itself to much of the country’s favorite sports, which is hockey on ice and skating, among others.

A country for students, professionals, workers, and entrepreneurship

Canada is a country that promotes education based on good academic performance and good discipline. There is an incredible total population of immigrant students who opt for the Canadian educational system, in addition to having opportunities such as the student visa and the prestige of the country’s schools and universities.

Thanks to the constant work in the preservation of the school structures and an improvement of the system in all the student levels, above all the superior ones, but without forgetting to cover the others as well. Recognizes foreign titles under a special system that has, based on the comparison of these with those issued by the Canadian system to prevail and maintain quality. In addition, Canadian titles are highly recognized anywhere in the world.

It has managed to maintain an annual inflation rate that does not exceed 3%, resulting in tuition fees not being high, but they can vary depending on the provinces, territories, and cities.

A country dedicated to its students, allowing them and helping them to achieve even greater comfort and integrity in different societies, groups, clubs with different themes such as religious, sports, cultural; also with the advantage of having more than one official language, English and French, the first being a very simple universal language, making it even easier for immigrants worldwide to solidify, achieving the comfort and integrity that is sought to live in harmony.

Canada offers its immigrants a wide variety of visas that suit everyone, from a visa as a tourist with a validity of six months, such as visas for work purposes within the country, professionals, businesses, temporary workers, among others.

Canada gives the opportunity to all those who carry out all their projects and achieve a powerful development within their territory, because it is a nation that supports all those who seek to undertake, starting from a profession, a business, a project that promises a high personal growth, and why not, that of a group of people.

Canadian businesses have an attraction large enough to place the country in the 18th place in the list of World Investment 2017 issued by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development.

Being a country where you can easily obtain the raw material with one of the best-structured economies with greater dynamism and power, modern infrastructure and a quality transport system.

There is a preference for corporations, whether public or private, with acronyms such as Co, Ltd or Inc. You can mention large corporations such as Bank of America, Wall Mart, Ford, among others.

Companies within the nation have the advantage of having a considerably lower tax and cost rate than other countries.

Canada has, over the years, signed what is known as Reciprocal Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements with different countries; guaranteeing not only adequate protection to investors but also a certain percentage of transparency at the time of the transactions, all the responsibility to the managers, leaders, and shareholders of the companies.

As long as the companies comply with the Canadian Investment Law, they have all the freedom to start, establish and grow.