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Above all, we believe that real change is possible, and tomorrow it should not be like today

Our motto is that we are all capable of making the change, to have a better future

Based on this premise, at Immigration Leaders, we have focused on being the best guide for people who want to cross borders and look for new ways outside their country of origin. The team of professionals that make up this consulting company, has led it to be one of the most effective in terms of providing updated information, managing procedures and monitoring the results so that immigrants feel confident and protected.

For several decades, we decided to start a project that has been strengthened and has come to help thousands and thousands of users, who have placed all their hopes for the future in our experience. But we did not emerge from success, because our beginnings were quite modest, with small facilities, which have multiplied and, nowadays, we have offices in many countries and a dedicated staff capable of solving any situation in the most satisfactory manner for the client.

The staff that forms the backbone of the Leaders of Immigration includes the most experienced Lawyers and Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants, who meet all the parameters to provide the most reliable advice and are committed to the company to help the emigrant, in any situation that could arise in the process of legalization of permanent residence.

Our background, through all these years, confirms this. We have supported students, entrepreneurs, workers, family groups, and couples, of different nationalities, to make their projects come true and settle in Canada. In our hands is the solution to gather families and support those who want to progress and take root in Canada. From here we shake hands.


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